Presentations and Invited Talks

I have presented at a variety of regional, national, and international conferences. Below you may find more details: select presentations are also listed on my CV.

“Abir Mukherjee’s Historical Crime Novels and the Contemporary Postcolonial”: British Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies Conference; February 2020 (online due to COVID-19)

“The Contemporary Global Anglophone Novel, Mobility, and Crisis”: British Association of Contemporary Literary Studies Virtual Conference; June 2020

“‘A Terrible Accident’: The Neoliberal City and the Private Automobile”: American Comparative Literature Association Conference; Chicago, IL; March 2020 (canceled due to COVID-19)

“‘Crime on the Border’: Locating Imperial Anxiety in Narratives of Crime”: Eighth Annual International and Interdisciplinary Conference, “Anxieties of Empire”; Middlebury, VT; March 2020

“‘The People You Do Not See’: Immigration and the Working Class in Contemporary British Literature”: American Comparative Literature Association Conference; Washington, DC; March 2019

Collateral Damage: British Television and the Post-Brexit Refugee Crisis”: South Atlantic Modern Language Association Conference; Birmingham, AL; November 2018

“‘A New Sort of Crime’: Crime and Empire in Mukoma Wa Ngugi’s Detective Fiction”: African Literature Association Conference; Washington, D.C.; May 2018

“Graduate Study in African Literature”: African Literature Association Conference; Washington, D.C.; May 2018

“‘I Am Police-Walli Also’: Gender, Criminality, and Vikram Chandra’s Sacred Games”: Captivating Criminality 4; Bath, United Kingdom; June-July 2017

Panelist on closing session: Teaching Assistant Training and Teaching Opportunity Program (TATTO) summer workshop; Emory University; August 2016 (invited talk)

“‘That Time is Long Gone. But Aren’t We Still the Same People?’: Continuity and Change in The Spinning Heart: International Association for the Study of Irish Literature; Cork, Ireland; July 2015

“‘The City is a Novel’: Imperial Legacies in Eureka Street and Belfast”: American Conference of Irish Studies; Notre Dame, IN; April 2016

“‘The Lure of the Monster Was Hard to Resist’: Imagining Johannesburg Legible in Welcome to Our Hillbrow: invited talk (graduate student recruitment colloquium, Emory University, February 2016) and presentation at the African Literature Association Conference (Atlanta, GA, April 2016)

“‘Why This Life’: Story and Novel in Zadie Smith’s NW: British Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies Conference; Savannah, GA; February 2014

Chair, “The Margins of the New World” panel: British Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies Conference; Savannah, GA; February 2014

“Irish Rhetoric of Protest, Past and Present”: American Conference of Irish Studies; Chicago, IL; March 2013

“Land of Dreams: An Examination of Postmodern Imperialism in Ian McEwan’s Saturday and Joseph O’Neill’s Netherland: British Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies Conference; Savannah, GA; February 2013

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